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What To Wear When You’re Quite Mannerly and Quite Unemployed

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The Manners Doctor goes to Sherwood (Limited.)


Button down shirt
$298 -

Ralph Lauren Collection suede leather coat
$7,000 -

Burberry black blazer
€698 -

Alexander McQueen pencil skirt
$660 -

Stella McCartney high heels
$459 -

Helen Kaminski rain hat
$98 -

Jil Sander silk scarve
330 -
Camilla Randall is a US manners columnist in a state of rapid downward mobility. She’s lost her job and nobody’s interested in her book but some outlaw publishers in the wilds of Lincolnshire. She arrives at Robin Hood airport with nothing but the couture on her back. She wore the Lincoln Green trench in honor of the setting, and the Stella McCartney boots, Alexander McQueen skirt and Burberry jacket to honor her host country. The Jil Sander scarve is one of the few accessories she hasn’t sold at a resale shop. She thinks her life is about to improve now she’s met her new publisher–the charming, self styled Robin Hood who owns the place. But she couldn’t be more wrong…
Anne’s blog is a must for writers. Do check it out regularly.
Her books can be found on Amazon. Here’s her author page which will get you all the goodies, including Camilla’s current adventure, Sherwood, Ltd.

What To Wear If You’re a Nun On the Run

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Cold My Heart (Catrin)


Modred’s men have burned her convent, forcing Nell to flee in a borrowed dress of plain, brown homespun and a pair of boots.  As a former nun, she had no possessions anyway, but when she hooks up with Myrddin, one of King Arthur’s knights, and arrives at King Arthur’s castle, she finds herself wearing a gorgeous green confection, with a second dress to spare, along with new leather shoes.  She wears a cloak inside and out (castles being what they are), and when Myrddin asks her to marry him, his cross.
Go get Sarah’s book(s) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or visit her website.
Like that cover? That’s correct, my left arm, which runs Flip City Books designed it. If you’d like me to do one for you, I’m here, or email me at

Winners of the Holiday Blog Hop!

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I’ve been asked to post the winners…and here they are:
I have to tell you, I was having some organizational issues.
I got results from the judges based on the polyvore sets, and some had emails and some didn’t. Some put them inside the set comments and some were in the blog comments. Some had names and some didn’t. Sometimes the name was in the blog and the email was with the set. It was kind of frustrating. Like herding cats. Next year, I’m using a form.
Big winner: (no name)
Winners of print books (Ash Breen)
Winners of eBooks (Kimberly) (name is Jenn Gruenberg) vargo) (craig smith)
Christina Busby

What To Wear To The Drug Store With the Future Love Of Your Life

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Julia in Paris and Christmas in NY

Julia in Paris and Christmas in NY by kcowen01 featuring a black white ring

Zuhair Murad short lace dress

3,725 -

Joseph no sleeve shirt
225 -

Hollister Co embellished shirt
$40 -

D G asymmetrical jacket
$1,310 -

Skinny fit jeans
$170 -

Christian Louboutin suede peep toe booties
$767 -

Lace pumps
$3,307 -

Rupert Sanderson gray booties
$1,095 -

Manolo Blahnik suede pumps
$644 -

Stud ring
59 -

Effy Collection black white ring
$1,425 -

Mirabelle disc jewelry
$59 -

White gold diamond jewelry
$6,200 -

Diamond jewelry
$82,000 -

Nak Armstrong moonstone jewelry
$15,000 -

Katherine Owen, Indie Chick by a mile, did a set for her character in Seeing Julia, which is available at Amazon and all the other usual suspects.
Julia Hamilton’s perfect life falls apart with the death of her husband, Evan, just when she would appear to have everything. (Evan’s wealth was not the main attraction for Julia, but she does dress the part.)Scene setup (two different ones) – The inner circle gathers at Julia’s house in Amagansett on Christmas morning. For this scene, Kimberley gives Julia a silver blouse to wear. It’s also another unexpected encounter with Jake Winston where Julia tries to look casual, but she’s still exquisitely dressed.
The clothes on the right with red background are what she wore the night of the Christmas party (on Christmas Eve) with her friends and her second encounter of Jake Winston. Specifically, these are the clothes I envision her wearing when she and Jake make a run to Rite-Aid when her infant son appears to be sick. Jake appears enchanted with Julia already. They’re awkward around each other in this scene. She’s still grieving for Evan, but strangely attracted to Jake. It’s a great scene with a lot of subtext going on.

Katherine Owen – Indie Chick!

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One Fictionista’s Literary Bliss

By: Katherine Owen

I was anointed a female fictionista by an overzealous Georgia Bulldog fan on Twitter. I immediately took it for my job description.  So, here’s what you should know. I write. I write a lot. And, when I’m not writing, I think about writing a lot. You may think we’re having a conversation, but invariably I’m stealing your name, asking how to spell it, and secretly describing the look on your face in five words or less in my mind. My writing tends to be dark, moody, and sometimes funny. Sometimes, it can be a bit lyrical or even literary. It’s often edgy, so be forewarned. My readers complain they can’t put my books down. Or, just when they think they’ve figured the story out, it changes and becomes something else. My stories tend to be dark and comprised of broken heroines; even the heroes in my books have a few flaws that cause trouble. It’s true; my characters may disappoint you or surprise you or piss you off, but I think you’ll understand why they do what they do because of the way I write them. I strive to reveal the deepest underpinnings about life, about love, and about human nature, but it’s not for the faint of heart. I’ll take you through a proverbial emotional ringer before reaching resolution and it’s never as predictable as you might think. Do I sound like your kind of fictionista? Come along, darling. This way.

Something else you should know about me is that I’m a huge George Clooney fan. Maybe, Up In The Air wasn’t one of his usual gigs, but I loved that movie. And, let’s be frank, I watched ER without him for years, but it was never the same. Never. Anyway, I digress. There’s a scene in Up In The Air where he’s telling this guy to follow his dream after George has told him he’s been laid off.  When I saw that scene, it was as if George was practically speaking to me because I was there, two years ago, when I was laid off from a high tech sales job, had always harbored a dream to write full-time, and went for it after that. Is it a coincidence that Up In The Air came out about the same time? I think not.

So now, this is what I do. Write. Write all the time. I’ll admit it was hard at first. It still is—hard, harrowing, humbling. Believe me, it would be easier to go out and get another high paying sales job than write for a living because writing causes me to question my mental toughness so much of the time. Can I do this? Am I good enough?

Yet, here’s what I’ve learned: you just have to turn off that voice in your head off or ignore what is being said.  Sometimes, all you need to do is stand up for yourself, stop depending upon the opinions of others, and just go after what you really want.

For me, that’s writing. For you, it might be anything else, but just pursue your passion whatever it is.

With this anthology, my debut novel, Seeing Julia is featured. Seeing Julia is a labor of love and represents a lot of hard work. Truly, this book has caused me as much grief as it has joy. After I first wrote this novel, I entered it into a literary contest and promptly forgot about it. I was busy. I was taking classes at The Writer’s Studio, becoming literary savvy, and writing another novel called Not To Us.


I remember it was a Monday morning in early June of 2010 when I received a call from the president of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association telling me I was a finalist in the romance category with my entry of Seeing Julia. “What?” She asked me if I planned on attending the conference. “Well, I guess so.” Lucky for me, I attended the summer conference, bought a new outfit, and won the Zola Award and first place with Seeing Julia the night of the awards dinner. It was a surreal moment, when I had to go up to the front of the room with those seven hundred people watching and accept my award. But, truly? I was more concerned about navigating all those tables and chairs on my way up to the podium than actually seizing the moment. As word spread about my writing award win, self-doubt had already set in. It was a fluke. It was dumb luck. As high as my emotions soared about winning; they fell just as fast when literary agents still rejected my work. Yes, the win opened a number of literary agent doors for me, but I wrote several different versions of that novel when a number of them took greater interest, but then wanted to change everything about the story. One agent called me up and lectured me for forty-five minutes about the book and then promised to take a look if I made more changes. I sent her the revised manuscript, but she never called again.

This was a year ago. I was at a crossroads with my writing and myself. I kept thinking if I did what they said and changed it, yet again, I would get to the next step—literary bliss. But I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Discouraged, but still determined, I reviewed what the critiques and feedback about Seeing Julia had been. Based on those, I sifted through what I thought would need to be changed and began rewriting the story, working day and night through most of November. With just getting a few hours of sleep each night, I kept up the intense pace and by the time the novel was finished; I knew it was. I’m extremely proud of Seeing Julia. During the process of rewriting it for the last time, I reached an important pinnacle with my writing: I trusted myself. Confidence entered into the realm. And, along with it, swift understanding: I had to make my own literary bliss.

Two additional things became clear. First, it was essential for me to have complete control over the publishing of my work; and second, the publishing industry was in the midst of a perfect storm because of e-books and I needed to take full advantage. And, so I did.

In late April and early May of this year, I released two novels: Seeing Julia and Not To Us. These books are available as e-books as well as print trade paperbacks.

Many wonderful readers have responded to my work. They often reach out to me and let me know how they love my novels. I love and cherish their enthusiasm for my work.

This is literary bliss.

Of course, my family’s number one complaint is that I write too much and all the time. Now, add to that the twittering and the facebooking and the wordpressing and now google plus-ing, and checking Amazon, and taking writing classes; it’s a full-time gig. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The good news is that with the encouragement of my readers and confidence in my writing, I’m working on my third novel, When I See You, and hope to release this book before the end of this year.  And, I already have drafts for two other novels, Saving Valentines and Finding Amy.

Oh yes, there are occasions, rare ones, when I’m not writing. That’s when I like to drink a fine wine, check in with my family, and look at my awesome view which I can see when I look up long enough from my computer screen in my writing refuge.

And so, welcome. Welcome to my little piece of the universe.

I’ll leave you with this—a philosophy I now live by, borrowed from one of the greatest women tennis players of all time: “You’ve got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference.”  Chris Evert

Oh, Chrissy, you are so right!

This is one story from Indie Chicks: 25 Women 25 Personal Stories available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To read all of the stories, buy your copy today. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Also included are sneak peeks into 25 novels! My novel, Seeing Julia, is one of the novel excerpts featured. It is available at most online retailers in trade paperback as well as e-book formats.

Seeing Julia


Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble


Smashwords (various e-book formats for Sony e-book, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Diesel)

For more information about Katherine Owen, visit these links:



Amazon Author Page:

Follow her on Twitter:!/KatherineOwen01

Connect on Facebook:

I’m on Tumblr, here:





Holiday Blog Hop!

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Honestly, I’m as lost as you are. I’m just doing what the voices on Indie Writers Unite tell me. And what they told me to do, is to set up a giveaway with prizes and a fun contest. Well, I love all that, so here we go!

Start here and when you’re done, hit that icon over to the right. The green sunshiney one. Hop around to all the different blogs and do some contests.


This is a fashion blog, so we’re doing something fun and fashionable. We’re creating outfit sets. Now, don’t be scared or turned off if you’re a guy. One, if you leave me an email address in the comments section, or on my  facebook author page, you’re entered into a drawing for one of 5 free ebooks. So if you don’t want to do the fashion thing you don’t have to.

But you should. Because it’s fun and if you have a sense of humor, you can really have a blast being anti fashion. And if you do a fashion set you can win a print book (or a hat and scarf set from Guess? but if you’re a guy, well, maybe it’s not for you)

Okay, enough.

Go to and sign in.

ID: bloghop

password: iwubloghop

Go to Create up on top there. Click on “SET.”

Make me something. Leave me your email address in the set comments. You can publish it or save it as a draft. I and the judges will see it in either case.


We have celebrity judges!


Dominic Sabella

Dominic is design director at Tommy Bahama. He’s been a fashion designer since…well, I won’t say. What I will say is that he has a wicked sense of humor and a sense of style that’s just about as spot-on as it gets.

Emily Ellerbeck

Emily wrote a bio. But what I want to say is I worked with her for 5 years at Guess and not only was she the bomb to work with, she got my baby daughter the single best outfit she owns. It wore out before she grew out of it.

Combining her love for warm weather and fashion, Emily packed her bags and moved from a cold winter in Iowa to sunny Los Angeles in 2000.  She has applied her passion for knitwear design to successfully design for companies such as global retailer Guess, and premium lifestyle brand Dylan George.  Although knitwear design is her first passion, she also makes time for SPX fitness classes, walks with her darling Pomeranian, cooking, and dinners out with her amazing boyfriend.


Right on!

If you choose not to do a polyvore set, you’re still in the running for one of 5 ebooks of Dead Is the New Black, and one surprise mystery to be gifted through Amazon or Barnes and Noble (your call).

If you do a set, it gets good. Our judges will pick the top 6 sets. Five winners will get a print copy of Dead Is the New Black. One winner will get a fabulous hat and scarf set from Guess?


Nope. You’ll also be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. yes, a real live piece of electronics that I myself chipped in to buy. So you know I want one of my peeps to win.

I hope you enjoy this contest! Best of luck!


Donna Fasano – Indie Chick!

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Donna Fasano wrote for Harlequin Books for 20 years before becoming a proud Independent Author. She’s the written over 30 romance and women’s fiction novels that have sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Her books have won awards and made best-seller lists. Below is the story she contributed to the anthology Indie Chicks: 25 Independent Women, 25 Inspiring Stories.

Stepping Into The Light


I sit in the back row, shoulders rounded, knees jumping, my left thumb rubbing a raw spot in the center of my right palm. The sad and lonely sufferings being expressed in the dank, dimly-lit basement are all too real and much too close for comfort. I glance at the door and contemplate escape, but it’s too late. All eyes are upon me. I hesitate only a moment before standing on quaking legs, clearing my throat softly and confessing, “My name is Donna. I’m a writer. And I need to come out of the closet because it’s dark in here.”

Twenty years ago, had there been a group called Writers Anonymous, I would have attended faithfully, pouring out my heart at the weekly meetings. You see, for the couple of years that I spent writing my first novel, I told almost no one what I was doing. My husband knew; in fact, he’s the reason I even attempted what felt like the insurmountable task of plotting out and finishing that first book. He’s also the reason I ended up in this glorious, chaotic, roller-coaster life I’ve lived as an author; however, that’s a story for another day. But when I first started scratching words on a yellow legal pad with a no. 2 pencil (there’s nothing else that stirs my creativity more than the feel of graphite gliding against paper), I didn’t tell a single family member or friend.

Why would I keep my dreams and aspirations such a tightly guarded secret?

I would hazard to guess the answer is the same reason anyone else hides things that could have life-altering potential: fear.

What if I failed? What if I had no talent? What if I didn’t possess the perseverance to finish that first manuscript?

The mere thought of the snide remarks, tittering laughter and looks of skepticism and ridicule I might receive were enough to keep me silent. My imagination has always been strong, and I easily saw the scenes play out in my head.

So you think you’re going to write a book, huh?

But you didn’t go to college.

A romance novel? Really?

If you’re going to try to write, why not write a real book? You know, like a mystery or a thriller; something someone is going to want to read.

My ability to conjure fantasy has always been a blessing and a bane. When reading a book or listening to someone tell a story or imagining repercussions of actions, visions will take shape in my head. Situations feel real, characters become corporal, while my stirred emotions brim and often overflow. Needless to say, Hallmark commercials make me cry. While powerful creativity is a great and necessary trait for a writer who is intent on concocting a compelling tale, it can become crippling if that writer is too focused on the opinions of others.

However, I also have to confess that keeping that first novel-writing dream all to myself charged me with a vibrant energy. I was excited to get my story down on paper. Seeing my plot unfold was absolutely thrilling! Creating my characters was fun. And the fact that no one knew about my clandestine efforts gave me a huge amount of freedom. No one told me I was doing it all wrong; no one suggested I could never reach my goal.

In defense of all the people I kept in the dark all those years ago, I have to admit that most of them were delighted and supportive when I finally divulged that my first manuscript had been purchased by a bona fide publisher. Oh, there was a scoffer or two, and I continue to meet them; you know the type, people who can’t be happy for others or who feel another’s success somehow diminishes his or her own self-worth, but I’ve learned to deal with those people (working with New York City editors forces a writer to grow a thick skin pretty quickly). I merely smile and think about the slew of books I’ve sold and the fan mail I’ve received from all over the world.

Those scoffers seem to have come out of the woodwork now that I’ve reinvented myself as an Indie Author. But venturing into this new arena couldn’t have happened at a better point in my life. I’m confident in my ability to tell a good story. I’m more than satisfied with the career I’ve had, and have no trouble imagining even more success in the future. I saw tangible proof when two of my books made it onto Kindle’s Top 100 List. I’m happy with who I’ve become as a writer and as a person. If my work receives less-than-flattering feedback from a reader, I might not like it, but I also realize it’s not the end of the world; I’ve learned that I can’t please all readers all the time. I love the creative freedom I have as an independent author. I can allow my muse to take me wherever it will. I’m terrifically grateful that there are readers out there who are willing to buy my novels. Every time I read a good review of one of my books I want to (and do!) kiss my husband for suggesting I take a stab at this profession (it’s a habit that’s been very good for my marriage).

So… what’s my point? Well, don’t let the negative opinions of others keep you from dreaming, for one thing. Most of the scary thoughts that run through your head will never happen, and the few that do materialize can be dealt with. You’re stronger than you think. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Aspire to be and do whatever it is you want to be and do. Be kind to yourself; you deserve the same compassion and concern that you offer others. And most importantly, know that your dreams matter. Indulge them. Reach for the stars! I did, and I’m still astounded that I snagged a few.


Donna loves to hear from readers! Ways to connect with Donna:

Her blog, Author Donna Fasano, In All Directions

On Facebook, Donna Fasano

On Twitter, DonnaFaz

A few of Donna’s available titles:

The Merry-Go-Round in paperback or for your Kindle.

His Wife for a While for your Kindle.

An Accidental Family for your Kindle, for your Nook, or on Smashwords.

Look for other available titles on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.




What To Wear When You Divorce Your Husband

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What Lauren wears when she divorces her husband.


Camilla Skovgaard black tweed jacket
$2,585 -

Donna Karan elastic waist skirt
$477 -

Azzedine Alaia heeled sandals
$110 -

Reed krakoff bag
$990 -

Bottega Veneta bracelets bangle
$2,250 -

My character from The Merry-Go-Round is Lauren Flynn. She’s a lawyer who represents a slew of quirky clients, but when she steps into that courtroom in the opening scene, all she wants to do is divorce her husband. Or does she?

Growing up the third child of five–yes, smack dab in the middle and the only girl to boot–Donna Fasano had no idea she would one day become a published author. Her bent for story-telling came to light when she conjured lively tales of pure blarney (yes, she has a bit of Irish in her blood) for, first, her youngest brother, and years later, her children.

Donna sold her first manuscript in 1989, and since then has become a bestselling, award-winning author of over thirty novels and four audio books. She writes under her own name, Donna Fasano, as well as under the pen name Donna Clayton and is known for her “smooth, polished” writing style and for creating “strong, complex” characters. Reviewers have described her stories as “poignant,” “richly textured,” “enticing,” and “absorbing.” The writing process can be extremely engrossing for Donna, so much so that she’s missed appointments and lunches, and once she even missed her carpool run. Luckily, the people in her life love her enough to make allowances.

Still happily married to her high school sweetheart, she is the mother of two grown sons who have left the nest. She and her husband share their home with Jake, a couch-potato, black and white border collie, and Roo, a spotted tan and cream Australian cattle dog that looks (and acts) like a wild dingo. Donna’s spare time is spent reading, hiking, or trying out new recipes from one of the dozens of cookbooks she has collected over the years. Oh, and one night a week she and her hubby nab some alone time from their busy schedules to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a video–preferably a romantic comedy. Donna also volunteers loads of hours to her small church, writing newsletters, scheduling acolytes, working fund-raisers and serving on committees. She divides her time between northern Delaware and Maryland’s southern seashore.

Donna loves to hear from her readers. Please contact her through her website at

Buy the Merry-Go-Round here!

Find her books on Amazon.

What to Wear If You Hunt Demons

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Tiff Banks - Paranormal Investigator


Mango slim shirt
23 -

Quiksilver fake fur vest
$119 -

D&G skinny pants
$932 -

Dorothy Perkins zipper boots
$57 -

Filigree jewelry
$7.99 -

Portolano beret hat
40 -

Jane Norman hair accessory
10 -

$61 -

Juicy Couture iPhone 4 & 4S Case
$28 -

Ambre Gris
€48 -

What do you wear when you’re a paranormal detective in the snowy, bitter cold of the northern Utah mountains? Warm clothing, shades to protect against the harsh winter sun, never be without your cell, a crucifix to keep the bad demons at bay and sexy perfume to attract the hunky ones.

Lin’s bestselling series, Whisperings, can be found on Amazon.

She blogs at

What To Wear if You’re a 21st Century Oracle

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What does a 21st century oracle wear?

What does a 21st century oracle wear? by lizzy-ford featuring slim jeans

Bruuns Bazaar camel shirt
499 DKK -

Fleurette double breasted coat
$795 -

Diesel slim jeans
€190 -

Gucci brown boots
695 -

Call it SPRING shoulder bag
$22 -

Chanel gold pearl jewelry
$356 -

LK Designs flower jewelry
€188 -

Background Tree
€100 -
Opening scene of “Damian’s Oracle,” when Sofia goes downtown and Sees her first vision, the death of a little boy.
You can also check out the trailer for War of Gods at
It was produced by Flip City Books, which we’re really tight with around here!
Description of the “War of Gods” series
The “War of Gods” series by Lizzy Ford is a paranormal romance series depicting the ongoing struggle between good and evil – and the immortals and their human mates who are caught in the middle.  The first book, “Damian’s Oracle” (released October 2011) is the story of the White God and his Oracle, the cool beauty, Sofia.  The second book, “Damian’s Assassin,” (released November 2011) is about the White God’s assassin and the woman who heals his heart and body.  The third book will be released 02 Dec and tells the tale of the White God’s chief immortal and the mysterious, beautiful Magician he risks his life to protect.
Lizzy’s info: